St Michael’s supports several missions with regular funding, special appeals and prayer. Each year four organisations receive financial support from 10% of offertories, with each of the four recipients receiving 25% of this allocation. This is our ‘Four Mission Pledge’. These organisations are ordinarily supported for a four year commitment with a review conducted at the conclusion of this term to determine if we should recommit our support or not. The review process is carried out each September with the Parish Council making their decision at the Parish Council Meeting in October.

As well as these ‘big four’, other organisations are also supported. These other organisations receive the same prayer support as the ‘big four’ but their financial support is through special appeals.

Four Mission Pledge

Listed below are the four organisations that we support directly from our offertories.

Anglicare – the urban mission and welfare arm of the Sydney Anglican Church, which brings Christian care and support to those struggling with poverty, disability, illness and despair. See – www.anglicare.org.au.

Nungalinya Indigenous Training College – the Indigenous Ecumenical College in Darwin that provides training in the areas of:

  • Foundation studies (literacy, numeracy and Christian leadership)
  • Theology and Christian ministry
  • Media and Discipleship
  • Music and Christian ministry

For further information go to: www.nungalinya.edu.au

SPARKLIT – Igniting Christian Writing.  Formally known as Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge – Australia (SPCK-A).  SPARKLIT raises and provides funds to assist in creating, producing, distributing and disseminating Christian literature in countries where resources and support are scarce. Michael Collie is the National Director. See – http://www.sparklit.org

Church Missionary Society/Andrew Buchanan The Church Missionary Society-Australia (CMS) is a missionary sending agency, working in partnership with local churches both here in Australia and all over the world. We currently have 192 missionaries serving in over 35 countries.

CMS is an evangelical, voluntary, lay, church society committed to proclaiming life through Christ.  Andrew Buchanan is a mission partner assisting in the training of ordination candidates for the Church in Toraja, on the Indonesian Island of Sulawes. He has strong links with St Michael’s with his parents, James & Susan, being members of our church. See – http://www.cms.org.au

Affiliated persons or organisations

St Michael’s also has a list of organisations that we support through prayer and with special appeals.  We have traditionally supported with prayer and special appeals the following:

  • Fistula Hospital, Ethiopia
  • Dr Andrew & Mrs Stephanie Browning
  • The Anglican Diocese of Kagera, Tanzania
  • The Anglican Diocese of Lake Rukwa, Tanzania.
  • Friends of the Outback – Supporting the Anglican Diocese of North West Australia, Northern Territory and North Queensland.
  • Local Initiatives: St. Saviour’s, Redfern, St. Michael’s, Surry Hills & The Bread of Life Program.
  • Special Religious Education in our local schools

St Michael’s Partnership with the Anglican Diocese of Lake Rukwa, Tanzania

The Anglican Diocese of Lake Rukwa in south-western Tanzania was formed in 2010. People from many different parts of Tanzania and from many tribal backgrounds are moving into the area looking for both land and opportunity. This is an isolated and relatively poor part of a materially poor country.

Its ministry leaders are rich in enthusiasm and promise but most have not received the foundational support of secondary education. Furthermore, neither they nor the diocese have the financial resources needed to attend Bible Colleges for the usual training in ministry.

In 2013, following some years of service in Tanzania with the CMS, St Michael’s former Rector, Rev. Michael Palmer, together with his wife Petra and their family, conducted a Mission to Lake Rukwa. The purpose of the Mission was to facilitate an educational programme for clergy based on the six-part Moore College Preliminary Theological Course that has been translated into the Swahili language.  The aim of the programme is to equip clergy to teach other pastors and lay congregational leaders. The program also seeks to:

  • broaden prayer and friendship
  • expand Bible knowledge
  • encourage unity and ministry discussion
  • empower local church communities in ‘house-to-house’ visiting, where gospel conversations and pastoral care can proceed

Following 2013, Rev. Palmer led three further Missions to Lake Rukwa, with the fourth and most recent Mission taking place in June 2017, where part four of the Moore College Course was taught: Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. The aim is to complete all six courses.




Trip to Syria December 2016/January 2017

During the Christmas and New Year period 2017, Rev. Michael Palmer joined a small delegation to visit Christians in Syria. The delegation met with many Syrian Christians, including members of the Syriac and Greek Orthodox Churches, the Roman Catholic Church, the Baptist Church and the Presbyterian Church. They also had the opportunity to speak to the Grand Mufti (Syria’s leading Islamic cleric) and various Government ministers. It was an amazing 10 days which included both scheduled and impromptu meetings.