Book Discussion Groups

August Book Club
During August, members of St. Michael’s are encouraged to read a book commended in the Christian Book of the Year Awards from the previous year.
This activity invites our church community into a month of conversation on a shared story. At the conclusion of the month we have a ‘Meet the Author’ Evening where he/she can share further with us about their book and field our questions.

This year, our book reading is ‘Our Mob, God’s Story’. This book explores the Bible story through indigenous art. From next week, copies of the book will be available for $50.00 from Tanya Bosch or from Elaine and Julia in the Church Office. At 4pm on Sunday 13 August, we will welcome to St Michael’s some special guests to explore the significance of this amazing book.

The following is a list of books previously read in our August Book Club
2016 – ‘Captains of the Soul’ by Michael Galdwin.
2015 – ‘The Great Bible Swindle’ by Greg Clarke
2014 – ‘Forged with Flames’ by  Ann Fogarty

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