Regular Services Times

Sunday Service Times

Two congregations make up the core of St Michael’s:

  • 8am: Our early morning Sunday Service is a clear strong traditional Prayer Book (APBA) service. This service meets in St Paul’s Chapel. Communion is celebrated every week.
  • 10am: Our family communion service combines the best of the traditional classical style whilst engaging with the contemporary. With a full Sunday School and creche program and Holy Communion weekly (except for the fourth Sunday of the month), the focus is on both the spiritual substance of what we do together, and also a strong attention to the outsider and newcomer. After the service many of the congregation like to stay for morning tea and to catch up with each other.

Prayer for healing – Thursdays at 7pm

For the past 30 or so years Bishop Stuart and Jane Robinson have engaged in prayer for healing ministries. Commencing on Ascension Thursday at St Michael’s, Stuart and Jane will lead a one hour prayer service for healing, accompanied by music. The emphasis is on prayer; seeking the Lord to address presenting issues that may include physical, emotional or relational concerns, or prayer on behalf of others.

The simple and relatively low key service is liturgical, contemporary and accessible to outsiders. Stuart generally preaches (on the lectionary readings for the day) for no more than 15 minutes and Jane often leads.

Towards the conclusion of the service, Stuart and Jane invite people to come forward for prayer. If permission is given, Stuart and Jane lay hands on people’s shoulders and quietly pray for them (having listened carefully to their prayer request). All matters are confidential.

Generally refreshments follow the service (and are available at the start too).

All are welcome to attend this opportunity for mid-week fellowship and worship.

Stuart has connections with the Order of St. Luke and the service may reflect elements of that tradition.